SpotX links up with DoubleVerify to combat ad fraud

Tyrone Stewart

CodeVideo ad serving platform SpotX has teamed up with DoubleVerify, a digital measurement company, on a joint solution for tackling ad fraud.

The solution is aimed at combating the newest digital ad fraud threat, which is dubbed ‘verification stripping’. This form of ad fraud was identified by the pair as being a bot tactic where fraudulent actors manipulate, or ‘strip, code transmitted to verification partners in order to hide evidence of domain spoofing and other fraud. It can also prevent impressions from passing through the verification process.

As a result of the solution, SpotX can now identify inventory that has succumb to verification stripping and remove the bad actors from its platform.

“We’re proud to be working with DoubleVerify to curb the impact of verification stripping on inventory transacted on our platform,” said Josh Cariveau, SVP of global operations at SpotX. “While we’re taking action to address the concern, buyers should be aware that this type of fraud is likely occurring on other platforms as well.”

Matt McLaughlin, COO at DoubleVerify, added: ”DoubleVerify has uncovered that up to 10 per cent of ad fraud spikes occur because of verification stripping. DoubleVerify’s advanced fraud technology is working closely with SpotX to remove these fraudulent impressions from the supply chain, ensuring continued media quality on the platform.”

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