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SpotX Increases App Ad Targeting Options

David Murphy

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Advertisers on SpotX's platform will be able to target advertising against an app's app store rating and download numbers

Video inventory management platform SpotX has introduced new mobile app data points to boost in-app video targeting abilities. The additions to SpotX’s platform will enable advertisers to buy against app store data including app ratings and download numbers, to help advertisers determine app quality and reputation among consumers. Existing targeting parameters on SpotX’s platform include registration demographics, device type, location and IAB content category.

Allen Klosowski, VP of mobile & connected devices at SpotX, said the new data points will allow advertisers to better understand the value of premium applications and compare the experience to other web properties.

“In-app mobile video ads are about to experience a rapid ascent,” said Klosowski. “In the past 10 months, in-app inventory has risen from four per cent to 36 per cent of mobile inventory traded through our marketplace in Europe, Middle East and Africa. We expect it to overtake mobile web in all markets by the end of the year, with greater targeting abilities and more parameters to understand brand associations set to be key drivers.”

According to SpotX, the additional data has a range of practical applications for both the buy and sell sides. Advertisers can more easily and accurately identify premium apps by using number of downloads and user ratings as indicators. As a result, reliance on publisher reputation is lessened, allowing buyers to identify premium apps created by smaller-name publishers and double check quality of apps from big-name publishers. They could also target buys to apps which have a certain minimum number of downloads and user rating.

On the sell side, SpotX said its ad server will allow publishers to target deals to advertisers using these new parameters in tandem with other mobile data. For instance, publishers could package deals across inventory in sports or lifestyle categories via private marketplace or programmatic direct deals. When publishers pass us their bundle IDs, SpotX will auto-populate a host of third-party verified mobile app data points into the bid request on publisher's behalf.