Spreaker Launches iPhone App

Online audio broadcasting service Spreaker has launched an iPhone app. The app uses Facebook to enable users to publish live broadcasts directly from your iPhone. 

The free online application lets you create your own personal radio show, and attract listeners to follow you. Alongside the launch of the iPhone app, the company also says it has implemented unlimited bandwidth, and increased audio storage. 

The free service is ad-supported, while paid-for options are available, starting at $19.90. 

Spreaker is designed for artists to debut new songs, or for people to vocalise opinions, says the company. You can share your recordings on Facebook and Twitter, and also tag it onto your personal website. 

“We have just begun to tap the power of live audio broadcast online with Spreaker,” says CEO Francesco Baschieri. “Whether you have a golden voice for professional radio or not, you have a voice for Spreaker. Its up to the listeners to decide whats worth listening to. We want everyone to unleash their inner MC, and bring a rich and robust catalog of radio programs to the million and millions of people online.”

An Android version of the app is due soon, according to the company.