Sprint launches 5G service in Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and Kansas City

Sprint has launched its True Mobile 5G service to customers in Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and Kansas City this week, with more cities soon to come. In the next few weeks, Sprint said it will be rolling out 5G service in areas of Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix and Washington, D.C. When all nine markets are equipped with Sprint’s True Mobile 5G service, it will serve 11.5m customers across 2,180 square miles.

“Sprint 5G is here and we’re proud to give customers true mobility and the largest initial 5G footprint in the country,” said Sprint CEO Michel Combes. “This is a momentous day and just the start of what we can achieve with T-Mobile, together building a better, faster, nationwide mobile 5G network that benefits all U.S. businesses and consumers.”

To launch its 5G service in Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and Kansas City, Sprint used 64T64R 5G Massive MIMO radios developed by Ericsson, which are able to simultaneously split between LTE Advanced and 5G NR service.

Fredrik Jejdling, executive vice president and head of networks, Ericsson, said: “Ericsson is working together with Sprint to unleash the power of 5G on Sprint’s network. Our 5G Massive MIMO radios will provide Sprint users with a true next-generation experience, enabling advanced applications for businesses and consumers.”

“We’re thrilled to offer the first truly mobile 5G network experience in the U.S. with innovative devices from some of the world’s leading manufacturers,” said Dr. John Saw, Sprint CTO. “With Massive MIMO and our mid-band spectrum, Sprint customers will have a great experience that isn’t limited to small pockets of millimeter wave 5G coverage.”