Sprint tests in-video ad unit with GumGum

Sprint is one of ‘several’ brands trialling an in-video ad unit, which overlays the video content, from artificial intelligence (AI) firm GumGum.

The ad unit enables advertisers to produce a six-second animated overlay that appears in the lower third portion of a video, meaning the user’s viewing experience is not interrupted in the way that pre- and mid-roll ads do.

“Sprint is working with GumGum to test a better, less disruptive airing of advertising while people watch video content,” said Steve Gaffney, vice president of media for Sprint. “In-Video creates an opportunity for brands like Sprint to deliver memorable messages that don’t disrupt the viewing experience.”

GumGum is running the in-video ad unit pilot through December with select partners before aiming for a wider release of the product next year.

“We feel that In-Video represents a new realm of branding opportunities for the advertiser and we’re obviously proud to have partners like Sprint –– a company known for leading technological transformation –– who share our interest in developing alternatives to pre-roll and mid-roll,” said Ben Plomion, chief growth officer at GumGum

“As we develop the ability to understand video content at the level that we understand image and text content, In-Video becomes attractive not just as an alternative to other video ad formats, but also as a leading tool for reaching receptive audiences in a way that optimizes user experience and serves the growing clickless OTT video ecosystem.”