Square Launches P2P Cash in the US

Square has launched its peer-to-peer cash service in the US, enabling users to send money via email, or through the Square Cash iOS and Android app.

Users just send an email ccing cash@square.com, with the amount in the subject line and whatever message they like in the body. Square will email both the receiver and the sender to link up with a credit or debit card.

The app is really just an email composer, recipients do not need to have the app or the same OS to receive payments and it can send to any email platform. Square Cash is free to use and the company is not charging for transactions, or storing the balance of cash to make money.

Square Cash is a challenger to Google, which enabled payments from Google Wallet via Gmail earlier this year, as well as PayPal, which also lets its users make email payments. It is not clear when Square will integrate this with Square Wallet and when it will be available more widely.