Square Launches Register API for Point of Sale Apps

Square paymentsPayments company Square has unveiled a new set of APIs as part of its Build With Square project, enabling merchants to combine Square payments services and hardware including Apple Pay with customised point of sale displays.

The new Register API enables customised iOS point of sale apps to integrate fully with Square payment services, ensuring that brands can retain control over the appearance of their retail process from start to finish, and allowing for more individualised point-of-sale needs for specialty retailers.

In addition to Register, Square has also released an eCommerce API that enables mobile web stores to take advantage of the same levels of customisation and individuality when it comes to point of sale pages.

“Independent businesses have been poorly served by existing comerce solutions, which require them to labouriously piece together hardware, software and payments services from many different vendors,” said a Square spokesperson. “From payments to point of sale, financing to payroll, we believe all sellers – big or small, online or offline – should be able to start,run and grow their entire business with one cohesive system.”

“Partnering with Square alleviated us from having to get into the weeds with these technologies, and allowed us to focus our time on our app,” said Alex Gile, vice president of Nexternal, a point-of-sale developer that worked with Square during the testing period for the API. “Beyond its simplicity, Square has established itself as a trusted payment processor and weve found our customers to be both comfortable and familiar with it.”