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Squeaky Bean pushes veganism with Squeaky House influencer project

David Murphy

Plant-based food brand Squeaky Bean has opened the doors to its food creator house – a multi-million pound mansion on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset – where Seven UK social media stars, both vegan and non-vegan, will spend 21 days competing in whacky challenges, breaking down their food beliefs and pushing each other to create incredible vegan meals live in front of a social media audience.

They will be given daily challenges and activities which could see them either rewarded with huge prizes or facing messy forfeits.

The seven Squeaky Housemates, who have an aggregate 2m followers and over 54 million likes on TikTok & Instagram, are:

@morganmjames – musician and songwriter, Morgan M-James, has 681,000 followers on TikTok and over 7,000 monthly listeners on Spotify

@elburritomonster – Oliver Paterson, 24, boasts 209,000 followers on TikTok. Oli is famous for turning just about any food into a burrito, accompanied by his own quirky songs,

@gingerjessx – Jessica Hickey, 23, known as Ginger Jess, is a redhead from Essex, who has 704,000 TikTok followers and 14.3m likes for her comedy and lifestyle content

@ylwsqr – Ylwsqr (aka Yellow Square) are an award-winning comedy duo and couple, Bec Horsley and Sam Bartrop. Both primary school cookery teachers, they create funny sketches for their 149,000 TikTok followers 

@ashleysbowl – Ashley Morton 18, is a peanut butter and oatmeal enthusiast taking oatmeal to a whole new level for her 240,000 TikTok fans

@ella_vegan – Ella Blake is a 21 year old vegan food blogger, who creates mouthwatering recipes and reviews the hottest vegan restaurants and supper clubs for her 21,000 followers on Instagram.

“Three weeks will be the longest period I’ve ever gone vegan for,” said Oliver Paterson (aka @elburritomonster). “I do make a lot of vegan dishes but if I do either plant-based lunch or dinner my other meal will contain meat. Having everything plant-based will definitely be a new horizon for me.”

Squeaky Bean Co-creator, Sarah Augustine said she hoped the campaign would  push people’s perceptions of plant-based food. “We aren’t preaching to the converted,” she said. “We’ve deliberately put a mix of vegans and non-vegans in the house so we can take people on a journey to discover just how delicious plant-based food can be.

“The Squeaky House is the first creator house of its kind, run by a brand and not a talent agency. We want to help these hugely talented creators to use their unique content styles to deliver a message to their millions of fans about vegan food. Plant-based food is what we do, so we know it’s easy to make, more exciting than you think and damn tasty! It might not be the traditional route but this is the marketing campaign that other brands wished they were brave enough to do.” 

The Squeaky House is a 10-bedroom mansion in Dorset. When they’re not knocking out vegan dishes, the Squeaky Housemates can enjoy an indoor infinity pool, natural swimming lake, games room, pool table, gym, sauna and steam room.

To follow the action, tune into @squeakyhouseofficial on TikTok and @squeakybeanveg on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.