SRD Launches PQChat, Most Secure Communications App Ever

PQChatSRD Wireless has launched PQChat, an iOS messaging service which promises to be the most secure mobile communications app ever.

PQChat uses SRD’s own NTS (Never The Same) encryption technology, based on the McEliece cryptosystem, to protect messages. No data is stored within the app, and SRD doesnt collect data on its users beyond an encrypted version of their phone number, which cannot be reconstructed, and a user-supplied nickname.

Messages can be deleted remotely after sending, either manually or by setting a Snapchat-style auto-deletion timer. Users can also use passwords and PIN codes, neither of which are stored within the app, and SRDs Man At The End video and voice authentication to verify the identity of the recipient.

As well as messaging, the app can be used as a secure locker for information.

“The ongoing Snowden revelations have brought home just how easily accessible our personal information is to the NSA or other groups,” said SRD co-founder and CEO Andersen Cheng. “Yet most people are still handing over information to data miners, spammers and criminals without understanding what they are doing.”

“People need to take back control of their data: even the smallest amount of personal information can compromise your privacy and security. Modern communication tools simply aren’t built with this as a priority and so make compromises in order to allow communication. Our aim with PQChat is to place end-to-end security at the heart of the app.”