St Ives Group rebrands, quitting print for digital

International marketing services collective the St Ives Group has announced it is relaunching as Kin + Carta, a next-generation digital transformation business built for clients in search of seamless digital solutions. The firm will move entirely out of analogue media, abandoning its presence in the global print market.

The Group consists of seven businesses, focused around three complementary pillars of strategy, innovation and communications. Overall, the firm boasts 1,500 specialists across four continents, split between strategic consultancies Pragma, Hive and Incite; digital innovation firms Tab and Solstice; and communications agencies Edit and AmazeRealise.

“In a world where consumers are currently inundatate with experiences that are broken and frustrating, were taking a radical approach to how were organised in order to help the worlds largest organisations achieve a more unified result,” said J Schwan, CEO of Kin + Carta. “We believe deeply that the most forward-thinking individuals want to work with specialist agencies that put culture first; until now, they havent had access to the necessary breadth and depth to create increasingly large and sophisticated digital experiences at the global scale.”

The new name for the group aims to embody what the business hopes to stand for, combining Kin, as in family, to represent its emphasis on connection and collaboration, with Carta, meaning map, representing its mission to plot a clear path to the future.