Stampt Takes Loyalty Mobile

Stampt, an app that aims to replace paper voucher schemes, has launched in the US. 

The app is for the iOS platform, and allows businesses to deliver customer loyalty schemes to users iPhones. 

The app has been adopted by merchants in San Fransisco, Cincinnati, Chicago, and New York, including restaurants, yoga studios, coffee shops, ice cream shops, delicatessens, dry cleaners, and auto garages, amongst others, according to the company. 

Stampt revolutionises customer loyalty by making it mobile and social,” says Brian Kelly, Stampt CEO and co-founder. “No more forgotten or lost cards. The cards live on your phone. Its convenient and effective. Merchants benefit from customer interactions and insights that were never before available. They can finally know the effect of their loyalty programs and can interact with their customers. And consumers love to use Stampt so they build loyalty at more places, more often.”

The Stampt system requires users to fire up the app at the outlet in question, and scan their device over a Quick Scan Card which should be available near the tille. The app then counts up visits and purchases, allowing the consumer to redeem free goods after multiple purchases.

Consumers can share their Stampt activity on Facebook and Twitter via the app.