Standalone Instagram would be worth $100bn

InstagramFacebook-owned Instagram would be worth $100bn (£75.4bn) as a standalone company today, new research suggests. The company was bought by Facebook for $1bn in 2012, indicating that it has grown 100-fold in value in just six years.

According to data from Bloomberg Intelligence, the platform has emerged relatively unscathed from Facebooks recent controversies involving fake news, Russian propaganda, data breaches and privacy. The platform is adding users faster than Facebook, and will probably surpass 2bn within the next five years.

While Facebook passed the 2bn user milestone already, Instagrams audience also skews younger than Facebook, making it more attractive to advertisers, while continuing innovations like the recently-announced IGTV suggest that the platform still has plenty of room to innovate and grow.

Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Jitendra Waral predicts that Instagram could account for around 16 per cent of Facebooks revenue over the next year, up from 10.6 per cent last year. Most of this will come from newsfeed ads, with IGTV unlikely to make much of an impact on revenues until Q4, and potentially not until 2019.