Starcom Creates Digital Candle Vigil for Church of Sweden

church of sweden starcom candlesIn celebration of All Saints weekend, ad company Starcom has worked with the Church of Sweden to create a digital vigil the enables people to light a candle for loved ones from across the country via their mobile.

The project involves almost 1000 LED candles placed in trees across various cemeteries in Sweden which can be activated by people using mobile devices, with a live HD-stream online to allow visitors to see the result as it happens.

The project aims to unite the digital and physical worlds, and give people a chance to be connected with the church, wherever they are. On All Saints weekend, Swedish families traditionally light a candle to honour the lives of loved ones who have passed.

The Church of Sweden has in the past given people a chance to light digital candles and say prayers on the Internet, but this is the first year to combine the digital and physical, and enable people to see their candles light up from across the country.

“During All Saints weekend, many people visit our cemeteries and light candles for their missed loved ones,” said Kristin Molander, priest for the Church of Sweden. “To light a candle is for many a way to express what cannot be said with words, but not all have the opportunity to physically go to the cemetery their wish.

“By lighting a virtual candle, people can get an additional opportunity for a moment of reflection, devotion and closeness. Wherever we are, we are all connected to humanity, both online and in the physical world. To light a candle on the internet that will turn into a real light, is a way to make this visible.”