Starhome and Gemalto Team Up

Starhome, which provides roaming services and converged solutions, has revealed that it is working with Gemalto, which specialises in digital security and SIM and Over-the-air (OTA) technology and services. By uniting Gemaltos SIM/OTA applications with its server logic, Starhome says it is able to build on its existing inbound and outbound roaming services, as well as offering enhanced capabilities for future services. Starhome has already incorporated Gemaltos SIM/OTA facilities into its Intelligent Preferred Network (IPN) solution, which lets mobile operators manage the subscribers registration process as they roam in visited networks.
IPN allows operators to steer outbound roamers dynamically to an operators preferred partner networks using one of three steering methods: SS7 signaling, SIM/OTA, or a combined hybrid solution. Driven by a user-friendly GUI, the operator simply configures the system with its feature-rich steering policy. This in turn triggers the application to automatically generate and send appropriate SIM data files, such as the preferred PLMN (Public Land Mobile Network) list, to roaming subscribers, based on their location, as well as on their preferred services.
The handset gives priority to the networks on the preferred network list, so more roamers are redirected to partner networks. With the addition of SIM/OTA, Starhome can offer two media for steering of roaming – the OTA and the SS7. Operators can choose using OTA SIM control with or without integrating the SS7 rejection methods. Enhanced SIM/OTA capabilities such as in Gemaltos Smart Roaming, as well as advanced R.99 handsets, give operators full remote control over their outbound subscribers.