Starhome Contributes to Disaster-planning Initiative

Starhome, which provides roaming services for mobile network operators, is participating in the CELTIC FT-PSC (Federated Test bed for Public Safety Communications) Consortium. The project is focused on public safety and disaster management, including the development of communications among national operators during emergency situations. 
The FT-PSC project addresses the lack of existing public safety communications and information systems interoperability, and the effect it has on response times during an emergency situation. Currently, establishing direct roaming relations among national operators is problematic, as competitive operators do not generally have bilateral roaming relations. However in an emergency, if one network crashes or does not have coverage in specific area, other networks should provide backup. The Starhome Roaming Broker solution for new generation networks will be developed in the project as an alternative to bi-lateral operator roaming agreements.
The need for international roaming in emergency situations is of paramount importance, says Starhome Chief Operating Officer,: Shlomo Wolfman. We are excited to take part in the FT-PSC project, which will enable European carriers to use Starhomes New Generation Roaming Broker technology as a potential life-saving tool. Starhome has contributed over 10 years of notable roaming knowledge to the industry and is always looking for ways to assist.
Starhomes Roaming Broker solution for new generation networks can be used on a day-to-day basis between operators who do not wish to spend time and resources in signing costly and lengthy agreements with numerous operators in order to provide sufficient services for their subscribers. Moreover, notes Starhome, the roaming world is dynamic and constantly becoming more complex. In the next generation IP world, the situation will be even more complex, where legacy networks will be involved with LTE (4th generation) networks, players from the WiFi/WiMAX arena, and fixed-line and cable operators. Starhomes Roaming Broker for new generation networks takes on the hybrid scenario of legacy and new generation.
CELTIC is a European R&D programme that initiates and runs privately and publicly funded Information and Communication Technology (ICT)/telecommunications R&D projects.