Starhome Granted Patent for Home Short Code Solution

Starhome, which provides roaming services and converged solutions, has announced that it has been granted a US patent (US patent No: 7,356,337) for an innovative solution for home shortcode resolution. The new technology, for use by mobile subscribers while roaming, enables shortcode numbers to be translated on the handset in order to drive a higher call completion rate and to increase user satisfaction.
Currently, when roaming, home shortcodes (short dialling sequences used by subscribers on the home network) are either supported by the visited network, remotely by the home network, or in many cases, not supported at all, resulting in uncompleted calls and lost revenues. Starhomes technology implements shortcode translation on the mobile handset, enabling worldwide support of home shortcodes, in any roaming network, regardless of the visited network capabilities.
The core technology covered by the patent will extend the coverage of Starhomes Home Short Code service, which provides roamers with access to home-based Value Added Services (VAS), with the same shortcodes they use at home. Voicemail, customer service, directory assistance and other services are made available via shortcodes on the visited networks that temporarily “adopt” roamers. This offers them easy access to VAS using Starhomes unique global database of short codes, which is continuously updated.
In this way, says Starhome, the Home Short Code solution enables operators to increase their revenue from both the inbound and outbound roaming market, through an innovative solution which requires minimum technical resources and investment. Home Short Code is completely secure, to prevent fraud and voicemail hacking.
This patent affirms Starhomes position as a leader in roaming technologies and as a leader in wireless technologies, says Starhome VP of Marketing, Orly Nesher. Starhome is committed to delivering solutions which not only provide users with a seamless experience but also enable operators to maximise revenues delivering a fast ROI.
The newly issued patent is a further milestone in Starhomes knowledge portfolio which includes, amongst others, 12 registered patents, such as those related to Starhomes Intelligent Call Assistant solution and Virtual Home Environment solutions, as well as 65 pending applications for Starhomes technology and services in various jurisdictions worldwide.