Starhome Launches Home Rerouting

Starhome, which provides roaming services and converged solutions, has launched the Home Rerouting (HRR) Service, which it says enables operators to generate revenue from outbound roamers international roaming calls. The HRR service changes the route of the roamers calls so that the home network (HPMN) can maximise the revenues generated by its own subscribers that are travelling abroad.
Presently, calls from outbound roamers to the home country are routed directly to the local operator through the international provider, via its international tariff agreements. The international interconnect fee is then forwarded to the local operator from the international carrier. This current routing method bypasses the HPMN, creating a missed opportunity to generate revenue from existing subscribers.
For operators, the demanding realities of todays commercial climate make more efficient routing methods more appealing, Starhome says. The HRR service changes the route of roamers calls to the home country to the HPMN before being completed. This allows the calls to be completed by the home network, which then collects the revenue generated by the calls.
By adopting the HRR service, the home network can make the most of existing interconnection tariffs says Starhome VP, Marketing, Orly Nesher. By rerouting international roaming calls to the home network, the HPMN will create additional revenues from calls that currently go to the international call operator, instead of being routed through to them.