Starhome Launches Roaming Ad Contest

Starhome, which specializes in roaming and steering technology, is sponsoring a contest inviting mobile operators and their employees to submit their best advertisements promoting global roaming.

Starhome is encouraging all its customers, which includes more than 200 carriers across six more than 130 countries, to take part in the competition. The deadline for entries is 30 April. Voting will take place online on the Starhome website throughout May, with each visitor to the site eligible to vote for their favourite ad. The company says it is launching the competition to promote greater customer interaction, and to allow customers access to its knowledge-sharing platform, via its LinkedIn group.

“Operators invest time and effort in educating and communicating with subscribers using various media outlets,” explains Starhomes VP of marketing, Amit Daniel. “Their roaming video advertisements often display creativity in design and content. Our contest is aimed at bringing together all these innovative and original ideas from our global customer base.”