Starhome Opens Global Services Operations Centre

Roaming specialist Starhome has opened its new Global Services Operations Centre (GSOC) together with OMNYX, which it describes as “the industry’s first sophisticated integrative roaming management and innovation system”.

The GSOC is designed to maximize operators’ revenues and create new revenue-generating opportunities by proactively identifying and evaluating global roaming events. In addition, the GSOC routinely performs preventative maintenance to ensure optimal network conditions. Management systems monitor critical system parameters, and databases provide immediate information and backup.

For example, the effects of events such as earthquakes and volcanic ash clouds are viewed in real time, allowing the GSOC to take appropriate action to improve subscribers’ quality of service and increase the operator’s revenue. The GSOC can also detect an immediate drop in traffic volumes due to an unexpected problem on the network. After identifying the cause, the operator is informed, and immediate solutions and campaigns are triggered to minimize traffic and revenues loss.

By providing 24/7 global coverage of its operators’ subscribers, the GSOC identifies network failures that could potentially compromise subscribers’ services and cause revenue loss to the operator. Concealed system problems such as service availability, carrier failures and data quality are all detected in real time. The GSOC can also identify trends or capacity issues for the company’s 200+ mobile operators in 130 countries.

The GSOC is also equipped with the technology to identify large groups of subscribers in a single location, such as a big sporting event. Knowing that for a limited time, these subscribers may be highly responsive to appealing offers, unique mobile-specific campaigns can be automatically generated for immediate deployment. 

Starhome’s OMNYX solution uses advanced algorithms to provide recommendations and forecasts for mobile operators to improve their roaming business performance and the quality of service and solutions for their customers. The system encompasses proprietary analytical technology to simplify the business decision-making process, by presenting essential information about the operator’s roaming traffic.