Starhome Sues AT&T, T-Mobile, Roamware

Roaming services specialist Starhome has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Roamware, AT&T Mobility and T-Mobile USA, in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware.

Starhome’s Complaint alleges infringement of Starhome’s patents by the defendants’ provision of international roaming wireless telephone services to subscribers and telecommunications companies. The Complaint accuses the defendants of infringing United States Patents 6,920,487 and 7,231,431, each entitled “System and Methods for Global Access to Services for Mobile Telephone Subscribers.” Starhome is seeking damages and a judgment enjoining further infringement.

“Starhome’s products and services provide innovative wireless mobility solutions to enhance international roaming,” says Starhome general counsel, Neta Bloch. “Starhome appreciates the significant value our patents confer to our business and intends to aggressively protect our rights.”

The Patents cover the core technology of the Starhome Intelligent Call Assistant (ICA) solution and the Starhome Home Short Code (HSC) solution, among other services.

The Starhome HSC solution can convert unrecognized home shortcodes into valid phone numbers, and provide mobile operators with a basis to increase their revenue potential from both the inbound and outbound international roaming market.

The Starhome ICA supplements the HSC solution. It international dialling difficulties by automatically correcting or completing misdialled numbers. As the majority of these calls are never redialled, ICA significantly increases roaming revenues for operators. ICA can allow combinations of seamless call completion, native-language voice interaction and post-dialling SMS notification, as well as support for prepaid or postpaid communities, with respect to both inbound and outbound roamers.