Starhome Takes Bronze for Road Safety Initiative

Starhome, in conjunction with five project partners has been awarded the Bronze award from Celtic, a publicly administered European consortium for Information and Communication Technology projects, for its contribution to the EnComPAs2 (Enabling Community Communications – Platforms and Applications) Project.

Starhome contributed its IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) connectivity technology for the project, which includes mobile services such as smart call routing between GSM/UMTS and wi-fi. The project also includes Starhome’s advanced SMS-to-voice solution for motorists. The solution captures an incoming text message and converts it to a voice call, leaving drivers to concentrate on the road.

The Starhome concept links mobile networks and (extended) home networks for the first time, enabling mobile operators to provide value-added services for the home, car and other environments. The implementation combines Next Generation Network architecture consisting of LTE (Long Term Evolution)/EPC (Evolved Packet Core), which embeds the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), and a home/car residential gateway. Starhome is providing the LTE/IMS connectivity for the project, including mobile services such as smart call routing between GSM/UMTS and wi-fi, depending on the user location.

As part of the Celtic EnComPAs2 project, the consortium team developed an concept of services for the “extended home.” This environment includes the home, car and other sites acting as virtual home environments, enabling remote access to home content such as videos, photos, music and other media.
Celtic is a European R&D programme that initiates and runs privately- and publicly-funded Information and Communication Technology (ICT)/telecommunications R&D projects. EnComPAs2 is being led by Telefonica’s I+D research division. Consortium members include Acciona Infraestructuras and Ikerlan from Spain, and TNO ICT from The Netherlands.

Shlomo Wolfman, co-founder and COO of Starhome, believes that Starhome’s concept has the potential to revolutionize the convergence market. “Completing integration was an important step for Starhome and our consortium partners in the development of this cutting-edge technology,” he says. “This project has the potential to significantly enhance the mobile landscape by both improving the home service environment and extending its reach. We are always pleased to work with like-minded partners to create concepts that will improve the industry as a whole.”