Starhome Trumpets Tromboming Solution

Starhome has revealed that the European Patent Office will grant the company a patent for its Roaming Voicemail Tromboning Technology on 3 March 2010. Starhome says the solution will not only increase operator revenue, but also reduce subscriber costs.  
Tromboning occurs when two unnecessary international calls are forwarded back home while the subscriber is roaming. EU regulations introduced last year state that operators will no longer be able to charge subscribers for voicemail deposits forwarded back home while roaming within the EU. Without Starhomes Optimal Voicemail Deposit solution, operators will either have to cover the costs for the trombone call or disable call forwarding for subscribers, both of which will lose them revenue and subscribers.
Starhome says its Optimal Voicemail Deposit solution reduces operator costs, while encouraging use of both airtime and voicemail. It supports the operators business decisions to maximize revenue provided per VPMN (visited public mobile network), per subscriber segments (prepaid, postpaid and VPN) and also for multiple, simultaneous call flows. Moreover, subscribers benefit from reduced charges, since Optimal Voicemail Deposit bypasses international legs for voicemail.
Operators who invest in Starhomes Optimal Voicemail Deposit will obtain a technology that complies with the new EU regulations as well as guaranteeing a quick ROI, says Starhome COO, Shlomo Wolfman. We already have successfully deployed and integrated the Optimal Voicemail Deposit solution at multiple mobile operator sites around the world. Mobile operators reported an increase in customer satisfaction and reduced costs.