Starhomes Sparx Solution Targets Roamers

Starhome, which provides roaming services for mobile network operators, has announced the launch of Sparx, an interactive roamers marketing and relations management tool that the company says will provide mobile operators with the information and means necessary to accurately target and serve outbound roamers.
According to Starhome, one of the major problems faced by mobile operators today is that the roamers visiting period provides a limited window of opportunity for communicating with outbound roamers and generating revenues. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that any campaigns run rely solely on static segmentation, and do not benefit from roamers feedback during their visits. Current solutions, says Starhome, do not use the history of specific roamers as the basis for upcoming campaigns and utilize a limited number of triggers and events during the visit.
Starhomes Sparx solution accumulates information about roaming subscribers movements and behaviour patterns, together with their roaming usage, from a range of sources. Sparx then generates dynamic and logical follow-up marketing campaigns for each roaming subscriber. Campaigns are created and sent when multi-triggers are received that are based on the roamers attributes and events. Triggers are also used to generate dynamic ad-hoc campaigns based on roamers feedback and usage history, resulting in the right message being sent, at the right time to the right person.
Starhome says that mobile operators will be able to continuously communicate with their outbound roaming subscribers via a compliant cross-media communication that best fits both the operators and the subscribers, including SMS, MMS, WAP push and email.
Real-time reporting and analysis, as well as micro-segmentation, will enable mobile operators to know the optimal times for contacting outbound roamers, says Starhome Vice President of Marketing, Amit Daniel. This will not only drastically increase operators revenues, but it will also deliver a significant improvement in the user experience.