Start the Day With a Mobile Breakfast

Mobile network O2 and destination
marketing company Fox Kalomaski are staging an introductory seminar for market
leaders in the retail, travel and leisure industries on how to effectively integrate
mobile communications into their marketing strategies, and how to deliver a
strong ROI. Key speakers will demonstrate the power of the mobile route to

The free breakfast seminar, entitled
Prepare to Embrace the Huge Marketing Potential of the Mobile Phone takes
place next Wednesday, 20 February at Coq DArgent, London EC2 from 7.45 to 10am.

Retail, travel and leisure sectors are
among the most obvious beneficiaries of this new world of marketing, says Fox
Kalomaski Chief Executive, Gary Jacobs. We and O2 have discussed the mobile
communications issues that face many companies in these fields and we concluded
that major players are going to miss out badly to their competitors if they
dont quickly seize control of the opportunities. This seminar will show how to
exploit the individual lifestyle relationship that consumers have with
their mobiles in order to create a personal relationship with the brand. adds

You can book a place
at the seminar here.