Startup LoopChat exceeds 250,000 users

University student-focused social network, LoopChat has exceeded a quarter of a million users, with more than 50,000 messages exchanged daily. 

The app was launched in 2020 by Jason Li, who after accomplishing a successful startup exit whilst still in college himself, saw a major gap in the social media landscape as existing platforms did not address the unique needs of university students.

The company has quickly become a mainstay amongst incoming college freshmen across America who struggle to find their core friend group and social interaction during pandemic lockdown situations.

LoopChat supports hundreds of active local and national communities with on-campus student leaders who assist incoming students with every aspect of their new lives from finding roommates, to attending classes, and even dating advice. 

Similar to Facebook in its earliest days, LoopChat is currently only available to students with working university email addresses. 

These pre-authenticated user groups have proven to be a huge selling point for college students across the country. Users can join existing groups for their college, or create connections that span across universities, in popular groups such as “Cuffed University”, where LoopChatters discuss all things college, from relationships and Greek life to classes and career goals.

The young startup recently received funding from serial entrepreneur and investment executive, David Jiang.

“In college, its easy to meet lots of people every day, but its not as easy to make and keep long-lasting connections” said Founder Jason Li. “LoopChat was created with this in mind: that the greatest value youll take away from your college experience are the connections you make with others. It warms my heart to see hundreds of users on our app befriending their classmates, making plans to hang out, sharing class schedules…. the sense of community on LoopChat is incredible.”