Steam to launch apps for mobile streaming of games and movies

Tyrone Stewart

Steam controllerUS video game developer Valve is launching a pair of apps for its Steam game distribution platform that will enable gamers to stream games and other content to their smartphones.

The Steam Link app, due to be released the week of 21 May, will give gamers the opportunity to experience their Steam library of games on both Android and iOS devices via a 5Ghz network or wired ethernet to a PC or Mac – so, not quite playing Steam games on your mobile just yet. The app will support the Steam controller, MFI controllers, and more.

The second app, called Steam Video, will enable users to thousands of movies and shows available on Steam via their Android and iOS devices over wi-fi or LTE. In addition, this app will give users the ability to view content in both offline and streaming modes. Stream Video will launch at some point in the summer.