StitcherAds Graduates Facebooks PMD Incubator, Launches Retargeting Platform for Retailers

Facebook Feed AdsStitcherAds has launched its social performance platform after completing Facebooks Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) incubator program.

The company, which was previously known as Betapond, offers an SaaS platform to online retailers which enables retargeting of prospective buyers with Facebook ads.

Two of the key USPs for StitcherAds are its ability to stops showing ads to consumers who have already bought the product – an all-too-familiar experience for Facebook users – and its monthly subscription model, which charges a set fee rather than a percentage of ad spend.

“StitcherAds focus on online retailers is a great example of how our PMD partner ecosystem
is becoming more diverse, to better support the vertical-specific needs of advertisers,” said Michael Randall, global director of Facebook’s PMD program. “StitcherAds engineering culture has a lot in common with Facebooks own and we were delighted to work with them.”