Street Dance Opts for In-app ad Campaign

David Murphy

Independent entertainment media agency Target Media is readying a multimedia campaign to mark the opening of Street Dance, the new 3D release from Vertigo Films.

The campaign, which kicks off on 13 May, will be the first time a film advertiser has taken advantage of pre-rolls on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent iPhone app. A 10-second as for the movie will run before the application loads. The app is currently No. 1 in the official Apps Chart, one week into the new series. Last weekend alone the app was downloaded 30,000 times, and is predicted to reach 250,000 downloads across the whole series. Each user watches an average of five clips.

The Britain’s Got Talent app activity is one part of a £1.5m campaign, which also includes TV spots in the new series the show, a promotion on E4 and a national bus and 48-sheet campaign.

Street Dance tells the story of the coming together of street dance and ballet, following a team of young dancers training for the UK Streetdance Championships who are forced to work with Royal Ballet dancers in return for rehearsal space. It features a number of Britain’s Got Talent winners, including Diversity, George Sampson and 2009 runners up, Flawless.

“Streetdance is breaking all movie barriers as the first UK 3D film, so it was important to break barriers within the media campaign,” says Target Media director, Lucy Barclay. “The tie up with Britain’s Got Talent delivers the ideal target audience for this film and offers fantastic opportunities on the mobile platform to drive viewers of the programme to see their favourite acts in the film.”