StrikeAd Launches UDID-free App Tracking Solution

StrikeAd has launched an alternative to the UDID app tracking system which has recently been deprecated by Apple.

StrikeAds app tracking and attribution solution allows mobile app developers and advertisers to gain insights about a users behaviour within an app, enabling advertisers to bid for the most effective inventory. To comply with current legislation, the solution informs users that their information is being collected, and allows them to opt-out if they wish.

StrikeAd says the app tracking code which is inserted into the app is extremely light, to ensure that there is no negative impact on running speed or responsiveness. It collects precise details, such as the amount of time a user spends in an app, and key actions, such as in-app transactions, purchases, or a game level completion. Advertisers have the option to track information gathered offline, which is queued, to be sent when a connection is later established. All the information then feeds back to StrikeAd servers to allow advertisers to pinpoint and bid for the most effective inventory based on this information.

“By offering users disclosure and an opt-out option, our app tracking solution means we conform with all regulatory requirements, while ensuring our clients are able to massively uplift their advertising budget ROI,” says StrikeAd CTO, Michael Dewhirst. “Mobile tracking can be particularly important to remove those who click on the banner but never complete the download, or those who download and never use the app.”

StrikeAd’s mobile-specific advertising Demand Side Platform (DSP) allows media agencies to manage and optimise multiple global mobile advertising campaigns from multiple advertisers from a single platform.