StrikeAd Whitepaper Demystifies the Black Art of UDIDs

Mobile ad company StrikeAd has released a whitepaper, Who Needs the UDID?, discussing the issue of ad tracking information, often thought of as a ‘black art’ of mobile marketing.

Aimed at agencies seeking to understand how to track mobile ads and conversions in a transparent and safe way, the whitepaper examines the problems surrounding device identifiers (UDIDs). It also explains how cookies can tie an ad impression to a particular download, yielding better results for agencies in mobile ad campaigns.

“Since StrikeAd launched, weve had many agencies ask for help with their tracking across phone and tablet ad campaigns. In direct response to this, we wrote this White Paper based on our tools to try to clear up any confusion, and clarify for agencies how to track mobile ads and conversions in a private and safe way,” says Alex Rahaman, CEO of StrikeAd. “We hope this document will help our agency clients persuade more brands to test and grow their mobile spend, safe in the knowledge that effective mobile tracking will give greater transparency and achieve the best results!”

To download the whitepaper, click here.