Strong Response To Mobile Super Bowl Ad Survey

Andy Penfold

A mobile survey of consumer response to NFL Super Bowl ads has achieved a response rate of 58 per cent.

The survey, which was created by OnePoint in partnership with online survey company Toluna, reached over 12,000 consumers, and gained 7,000 completed responses.

Survey invitations were delivered via text message, and included a mobile web survey link. The instant notification was designed to encourage fast survey start and completion. 90 per cent of completed surveys were within 20 minutes of delivery, according to OnePoint.

The NFL Super Bowl traditionally offers the most coveted, and most watched, advertising slots, and many brands create ad campaigns especially for the event.

Most Super Bowl advertising studies are conducted the next day, and OnePoint says: "By using mobile, the Toluna team were able to capture 'in-the-moment' and 'in location' insight, and quickly engage with a hard-to-reach sample."

The NFL's own 'Super Bowl Celebration' ad got the best response, with GoDaddy and Coca-Cola in second and third place respectively.

You can view some of the NFL Super Bowl ads here.