Students Take Mobile Ticketing Lead

Students are leading the way when it comes to adoption of mobile events ticketing, according to a leading mobile ticket provider. 

Online, social, and mobile ticketing technology firm Ticketscript says the student market has embraced the technology – with the 18-25 demographic more likely to opt for a mobile ticket when buying event tickets than any other group. 

The company puts this trend down to the prevalence of mobile use among the age group – 98 per cent according to Ofcom – and the fact that students are most likely to buy tickets on the day of the event, making a mobile ticket more convenient. 

Frans Jonker, Ticketscripts CEO, says: “Mobile ticketing presents benefits to the venue in addition to increased ticket sales on the day of the event. Mobile tickets also reduce the risk of fraud as tickets cannot be forwarded to other mobiles. Whats more it is a free service for the event organiser. There is also the opportunity for the venues to gather mobile numbers from their ticket buyers and use Ticketscripts bulk SMS marketing service to promote future events.”

The company says a number of student-friendly venues have recently adopted its technology, such as the Leadmill in Sheffield and Ipso Facto in Nottingham. 

Ipso Factos Andrew Smith says: “Mobile ticketing makes it possible for our customers to purchase tickets right up to the start of our events, instantly receiving their ticket to their mobile. More than 45 per cent of our tickets are delivered as mobile tickets, so its great to be able to offer this option to our customers through Ticketscripts system.”

For more information, head to the Ticketscript website