Students Trial PressReader App

Students at Kentucky University are using the PressReader app to enable them to read up-to-date editions of local newspapers from around the world. The diplomacy students  need to immerse themselves in the news from cultures around the world, as they prepare to head to various locations for internships. 

50 students at the University of Kentuckys Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce have been participating in a trial to assess the viability of Apples iPad as a tool to support them in their graduate program, and PressReader is part of the experiment. 

According to NewspaperDirect, the company behind PressReader, the app offers more than 1,800 full-content digital replicas of newspapers and magazines from 94 countries, often before they hit the newsstands in their local markets. 

“A key element of diplomacy is understanding the context that shapes local opinion,” says retired ambassador and Patterson School director, Carey Cavanaugh. “Whats really compelling about PressReader is that it delivers every newspaper in its entirety, not just selected articles, so students can better grasp the wider societal trends of that country. 

PressReader provides tools to understand news stories in the context of that societys culture, and can translate the paper into the students language. PressReader even helps them gain insight into other important cultural drivers, such as local advertising, political cartoons, and letters to the editor.”

As well as providing a zoomable interface to read newspaper pages, PressReader offers audio that reads articles aloud, and the ability to share articles via social networks. It also supports Apples AirPrint technology for wireless printing to compatible printers. 

“We are tremendously proud to be working with the Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce on their iPad initiative,” says Alex Kroogman, CEO of NewspaperDirect. “I cannot think of a better way to showcase the power of PressReader – were seeing firsthand how the wealth of excellent journalism it delivers in such an immersive reading experience can play a significant role in a rigorous and visionary learning environment.”