Study reveals enthusiasm for connected packaging

Digital experiences studio Appetite Creative has released results from its first ever connected packaging survey. The company surveyed 257 executives based in the UK and Spain working across the marketing, media, automotive, retail, construction, hospitality, FMCG, retail and finance industries about their appetite for, perceived value of, and understanding about connected packaging.

The study found that over half (54 per cent) of respondents have already incorporated connected experiences into their marketing plans and 85 per cent are confident that they would become increasingly important to the packaging industry in the next 12 months and beyond.

Two-thirds (59 per cent) of respondents are looking to increase overall investment in digital marketing spend in 2022, with 40 per cent planning to increase this spend up to £15,000. A quarter (26 per cent) are looking to increase annual spend by as much as £30,000. Over half (53 per cent) have spent less than £15,000 on connected packaging experiences to date.

With 41 per cent of respondents planning a new connected packaging campaign this year, over half (56 per cent) would consider a Christmas-themed connected packaging experience as part of their Christmas marketing campaign. 80 per cent stated that connected packaging is an attractive way to help improve the sustainability credentials of their company.

Respondents reasons for using connected packaging included the opportunity for GDPR-compliant data collection (30 per cent); to help inform product and/or marketing decisions (41 per cent); give brands an opportunity to have direct interaction with customers (47 per cent); help educate customers; share updates and information (44 per cent); and as a sustainable way to connect with and educate customers (49 per cent).

Reasons respondents were confident in the increasing importance of connected packaging to the packaging industry included the valuable data and insights available (42 per cent), while a quarter (25 per cent) took the view that it encourages customer loyalty. 58 per cent of respondents said they were certain it will become the main route to communicating directly with customers.

“Its clear that connected packaging experiences have reached a tipping point and are becoming an increasingly important part of the marketing mix for brands and packaging producers,” said Jenny Stanley, Managing Director at Appetite Creative. “As an efficient and cost-effective way to collect data, develop products and communicate directly with customers in real time, as well as a simple way to improve sustainability credentials, connected packaging has never been so valuable and in demand.”