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Stylist launches mobile-optimised edition in response to lockdown

David Murphy

Stylist has launched a mobile-optimised edition of its magazine after the publisher was forced to stop distributing 400,000 copies of its print edition weekly in the UK’s largest cities. The digital edition has been created by cloud-based digital content authoring platform, Canvasflow and features a reader experience close to that of the print editions.

The Canvasflow solution for Stylist was an automated export of content from the InDesign files (part of the regular workflow) directly into the platform. Once content is in Canvasflow, it’s stored as optimised responsive content, ready to be published to multiple output channels. Stylist now publishes to Apple News+ and a proprietary app for iOS and Android, with Canvasflow connecting to all major publishing app platforms.

The digital edition of Stylist Magazine was up and running after a few weeks of lockdown, with no extra work preparing content for the additional output channels. With Canvasflow now integrated into the Stylist digital ecosystem, the content can be easily published with speed to multiple channels.

“Canvasflow have been great partners to Stylist during this time and delivered on their promise of an agile, fast and easy solution to our digital magazine publishing requirements,” said The Stylist Group CEO, Ella Dolphin. “The platform delivers and so does the team at Canvasflow.”