Sublime introduces revolutionary TopRoll video ad unit

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Creative solutions specialist Sublime has announced the launch of a pioneering new video ad format for mobile devices, TopRoll, which offers fully viewable completion, bringing together premium video and true viewability.

TopRoll is an intuitive and viewable ad unit built by Sublime’s team of product and UX experts, resulting from an in-house competition, aiming at designing the mobile ad solution of tomorrow to easily bring video to life.

Available as a Managed Service or Programmatic solution, this mobile ad unit allows advertisers and agencies to create a premium and exclusive video ad experience. TopRoll is an immersive video format that respects the standards from the Coalition for Better Ads and offers a seamless and interactive user experience thanks to an enhanced integration within publishers' websites.

The ad starts as a video top banner and an icon invites users to discover the ad in full screen mode. As users scroll up, the banner gets progressively bigger, until appearing in full screen to engage audiences. When users scroll down, the banner gets smaller, to offer a non-intrusive mobile experience.

With this new VAST and VPAID compliant solution, compatible with all brands’ video assets, Sublime boasts a viewability rate higher than 90 per cent, and a view-through rate up to 70 per cent for 15 seconds, significantly exceeding the market benchmarks.

The TopRoll ad unit can host any video ratio, giving brands the opportunity to reuse assets created for TV, or even vertical videos designed for social networks. The patent-pending technology also brings landscape video to life.

“With TopRol, our new patent pending technology, we can guarantee brands and agencies that their audiences are truly seeing video ads” said Sublime UK Managing Director, Emir Teffaha. “As the ad pauses when it is no longer viewable, we can guarantee that 100 per cent of completed impressions are viewable, thus ensuring a fully accurate VTR. We believe our new solution is a game-changer for the industry as a whole, and this is how mobile video is going to make a real impact for branding campaigns.”

To see TopRoll in action, scan the QR code below: