Sublime Skinz expands offering with the introduction of four new ad formats

Sublime Skinz M-SkinzAd tech company Sublime Skinz, a provider of wallpaper-based advertising, has launched four new ad formats available through programmatic and direct sell in the UK.

The four formats introduced include Swapping Skinz, which sees the background change as the user hovers over each item displayed in the header; Travelling Skinz, which is composed of a 180° panoramic creative; M-Skinz HTML5, a mobile web-specific format which consists of two banners, positioned at the top and bottom of the page, and a HTML5 panel that displays when the user swipes to see it; and VideoSkinz Reminder, a video in the header which follows the user’s scroll.

“As publishers look for high-impact advertising that is contextually relevant and user initiated, we have seen a migration from traditional advertising,” said Estelle Reale, marketing director EMEA at Sublime Skinz. “Furthermore, with big names switching off pre-roll, both brands and publishers alike are increasingly looking towards new technology and video ad formats that can provide an overall better user experience.”