Sublime Skinz integrates its mobile ad units into Tabmos Hawk DSP

Digital ad firm Sublime Skinz has announced a partnership with Hawk by TabMo, the mobile creative DSP for video, display and native ads. The new collaboration will enable agencies and trading desks to access Sublime Skinz’ interactive mobile ad formats traded programmatically and to easily deploy campaigns on Sublime Skinz’ mobile web ad network.

The mobile DSP platform, Hawk by TabMo, available in self-service for its clients, media agencies, trading desks and advertisers, combines programmatic activation with the entire purchasing process of mobile creative production.

Following this integration, its self-service customers will have access to Sublime Skinz’ ad units that are designed to elevate engagement and create opportunities for more effective branding. Sublime Skinz’ mobile units consist of two banners positioned at the top and bottom of the webpage, along with a side panel that displays classic, video or interactive content when swiped open by the user.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with TabMo’s Hawk platform and, in doing so, offering its clients a wider choice of high-impact, engaging ad formats,” said Andrew Buckman, MD EMEA at Sublime Skinz. “Adverts that are interactive, relevant, and enhance the user experience have been proven to be more effective, and this alliance will ensure advertisers can maximise their ad campaigns on mobile.”