Subscrible launches first ad-free game catalogue

Subscrible has launched the gaming industry’s first ad-free game catalogue app.

With over 15,000 users already onboard, the platform features popular titles like Archero, Asphalt, and Fantastic Jewel Lost Kingdom, alongside a seamless gaming experience without any disruptive ads.

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The app also operates as an “offerwall” monetisation tool, benefiting both gamers and developers.

According to the company, by eliminating intrusive ads and efficiently managing traffic, Subscrible boosts gamer retention and enhances profitability for developers.

Subscrible, Co-Founder and CEO, Evgeny Unegovsky said: “Intrusive ads, which players universally dislike, make up a small percentage of revenue in quality games. By cutting acquisition costs by even 20%, we can triple the profit margins for game developers.

“This approach not only maximises efficiency but also aligns with consumer preferences for minimal ad interruptions, enhancing overall user satisfaction.”