Subtitling Videos Increases Brand Awareness

Facebook Star Wars videoSubtitled video advertising outperforms non-subtitled in increasing awareness of products – according to research by AdColony, in association with Millward Brown.

The research analysed two versions of adverts from brands, such as Disney, Volvo, Bose and Sony, with one standard video and another with added subtitles. This showed that subtitled video performed better across all focus areas – though this varied when results were segmented by verticals and KPIs.

“The research highlights that more and more adverts are being viewed on computers and mobile devices without sound. Brands are tasked with the challenge of producing engaging content that can resonate with consumers, both with or without sound,” Said Rob Cootes, director of video and programmatic at AdColony.

Some adverts enjoyed a 26 per cent point boost in intent to find more content. Looking more specifically, 9.9 per cent points uplift when the KPI was brand awareness, benchmarked against non-subtitled equivalents. Subtitled creative in entertainment experienced an 18.8 per cent points uplift of brand awareness overall.

Cootes continued: “Many mobile viewers are happy to watch content without listening to it. While this works for sports clips or cats knocking things over, for a visual that depends on an accompanying audio story to be understood, it’s a different matter.

“The research finds that subtitling does work for entertainment and FMCG brands to hit their targets and engage their audience. Imagery is not always enough to help resonate with an adverts message, so being able to communicate in another way can help to get this message across.”