Subway extends personalised messaging beyond the US

Tyrone Stewart

SubwaySubway is expanding its personalised marketing campaigns beyond the US, working with mobile marketing platform Mobivity to bring targeted advertising to the UK, Ireland, and Canada.

Using Mobivity’s Recurrency platform, Subway has achieved a more than 10 times return on investment in the US, according to Mobivity. Here, where it uses RCS (rich communications services) messaging on Sprint, it has also seen a 60 per cent higher click rate and 146 per cent higher intent to purchase compared to SMS subscribers. And, as a result of this success, it has decided to expand its license with the company internationally.

Subway’s marketing campaigns will be deployed in around 3,000 Canadian restaurants and 2,500 restaurants across the UK and Ireland. These restaurants will use Mobivity technology to print targeted messages directly onto the printed receipts of customers and gather point-of-sale data.

“This is an exciting opportunity for us to expand on the data that we use to inform our marketing campaigns,” said Carissa Ganelli, chief digital officer of Subway. “Over the last few years, our US guests have loved receiving personalised offers based on what they purchased, with each redemption enabling us to give our guests more of what they want. We are excited to expand this to an international market, and to continue delivering the delicious experiences that our guests expect.”