Subway’s sets the stage for long-term sports engagement in new ‘Fresh Moves’ campaign

Subway has launched a partnership with GB Basketball, Breaking GB and Skateboard GB to kick off its “Fresh Moves” initiative.

As a result, the move will see the fast-food restaurant participating in a series of campaigns, including funding events, coaching and schools programmes.

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The partnership also aims to reach more communities and champion movement amongst diverse communities, the restaurant said.

Meanwhile, over the coming years, Subway’s engagement with these sports will include headline partnerships at events, such as national championships, support for community events  and funding for more coaching and training.

In addition, there will also be support for collaborations between the sports and schools to encourage children to take part and get active.

This comes as in a recent survey conducted by Subway, 31% of respondents expressed that engaging in emerging sports, compared to traditional sports, would make them feel more comfortable and motivated to participate.

Subway EMEA Brand & UK & Ireland Marketing Director, Kirstey Elston, said: “The Fresh Moves initiative is focused on creating more opportunities for people with an interest in emerging sports to participate and feel valued.

“We’re excited to leverage Subway’s scale, in partnership with sports organisations that are known for championing inclusivity, bringing communities together and celebrating movement, to enhance our efforts to promote inclusion within the sports community.”