Case study: Subway promotes reopening with campaign aimed at fast food lovers

Subway needed to find a way to reach consumers close to its stores to promote the fact that it had reopened for click and collect and delivery in June, as certain UK lockdown restrictions were lifted.

This presented the popular quick-service sandwich chain with a pair of challenges: it had to find a way to target relevant audiences within a two-mile radius of its stores where delivery or click and collect were most likely to be used, and it had to identify fast food lovers in that radius to make sure it targeted those most likely to use food delivery apps.

Subway turned to MiQ, which in turn worked with MediaCom and Skyrise Intelligence, to create a display campaign promoting Subway’s presence on three of the UK’s leading food delivery applications.

Skyrise data enabled the anonymised location of active food delivery app users and this was used to profile and identify a ‘fast food lover’ audience based on active use of the third-party apps and Subway’s remote order apps over the previous three months.

The campaign was found, via a consumer survey, to have resulted in a 52 per cent uplift in awareness when compared to respondents who were not exposed as part of the data audience cluster.

“The results we’ve seen from working with MiQ and Skyrise have exceeded our expectations,” said Angelina Gosal, Head of Marketing UK & Ireland at Subway. “Accurately reaching half a million customers with specific messaging, and knowing that it resonated shows the value of this kind of dataset and importance of having the right programmatic partners to support us. MiQ helped us to navigate key challenges by providing fresh and effective insights based on the vast mobile data made available and contributed to a significant level of sales across our three major delivery partners.”

MiQ’s work with Skyrise on the campaign is part of a UK partnership between the pair which provides brand and agency marketers with access to anonymised data signals derived from 20m handsets.