SumUp Whitelabels mPayments in Blueface Telco Deal

SumUp has signed a deal with Blueface to offer a branded version of its mPOS device as part of the Irish telcos mobile and landline business packages.

Traders will now be able to take chip and signature card payments using the device, connected to their smartphone via the headphone jack, which works with the SumUp iOS or Android app. The device is free but SumUp charges 2.75 per cent transaction fee.

The CEO of the cloud-based telco, Alan Foy, said: “Our aim at Blueface is to help businesses cut costs and maximise efficiency by supplying cost-effective and innovative solutions for business communications. We are delighted to further add to our business offering through our partnership with SumUp and we hope that our customers will find the device to be a positive addition to our business offering.”

SumUp has managed to create a signficant footprint in the mPOS space in Europe, present in 11 countries, and has won tens of millions of euros in funding from Amex and Groupon. Although the company has been going direct to potential users it appears to be changing its startegy towards sealing B2B deals, much like Monitise and its whitelabelled partnerships with Lloyds and O2.