Sundance Attendees Got to See Mad Mens Jon Hamm as an AR Hologram

Jon Hamm (AMC Networks)
Jon Hamm (AMC Networks)

Jon Hamm, star of multi-award winning period drama ‘Mad Men’, has been turned into an AR hologram at this year’s Sundance Film Festival to promote his new feature film ‘Marjorie Prime’ – where Hamm plays a hologram named Walter Prime.

The film, which premiered at Sundance, gave VR startup 8i the opportunity to create an AR ‘HoloHamm’, which gave Sundance attendees the chance to meet a holographic Hamm.

“The photorealistic hologram, which was created by 8i and directed by Rogue Rubin, has the true volume and depth of the actor which makes it look and feel real?—?allowing viewers to virtually ‘meet’ Jon’s character, Walter Prime, as if they were standing in the same room,” said 8i, in a Medium post.

The AR experience enabled viewers to pan a mobile device across a room, where Hamm appeared on their screens as if present, and interact using pre-recorded phrases.

Linc Gasking, co-founder of 8i, told Reuters that hologram was created in a few hours using cameras to capture the actor in 360°.

AR, VR and mixed reality have been prominent elements at Sundance. The New Frontier exhibit has presented innovative works, featuring the technologies, from around the world featuring the technologies to film festival audiences in Park City.

With the announcement of the Oscar nominees today, it will interesting to see if the Academy Awards continue the theme and integrate any of the technologies at associated events or the ceremony itself.