Sundial Launches Call Recorder App

David Murphy

Sundial Telecom, which provides bespoke hosted telecommunications services to individuals, SMEs and large corporate enterprises, has announced the launch of Call Recorder, an app that enables allows consumers to record calls made from their iPhones to third parties. The app has received more than 370 downloads in its first week in the App Store.

The Call Recorder app is free to download; users are charged to use the service on a price-per-minute tariff, which varies depending on the type of number (mobile, landline, international etc.) they are calling, for each conversation they wish to record.

Recording is a three-step process. Firstly, callers are requested to provide an email address that the recording can be sent to. Secondly, they are required to enter the telephone number they wish to call. Sundial Telecom’s bespoke software verifies that the number is valid and calculates the price, which is displayed to users before they make the call. When they press the ‘Record’ button, there is a short delay while the iPhone makes the call.

Users are allocated a unique reference number which, as part of the app, is entered automatically onto the system before the call is made. This same number can also be used for other hosted call recording services provided by Sundial Telecom. At the end of the call, the recording is sent to the user by email as an MP3 file. Sundial notes that it is the callers’ responsibility to ensure that, where appropriate, they make called parties aware that the call is being recorded.

The app is an extension of the company’s hosted call recording service that has been used by small and large organisations alike since 2005. No accounts need to be created and no specialist equipment is needed. All that is required is a telephone to make the call and a valid email address for the recordings to be sent to.