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Super Bowl Fans Can Tour this Year's Stadium Through VR

Tyrone Stewart

Super Bowl LI vCAD VRThis year football fans – the American one – will be able to take a virtual tour of the Super Bowl LI stadium. Thanks to Knoxville, Tennessee-based VR startup vCAD users can take a journey through the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.

vCAD is a CAD conversion system which transfers CAD files to VR experiences on mobile devices ‘for architects, designers, engineers and other 3D modellers'. The VR simulation was created using this process – converting a readily available 3D CAD model of the stadium.

The simulation incorporates a one-touch navigation system. This system aims to eliminate the motion sickness associated with VR, by allowing those without a headset to toggle the view to a full screen non-VR mode with one click.

“We wanted to give Super Bowl fans a personalised way to experience the stadium that only virtual reality can provide,” said Jon Huber, CTO for vCAD. “And it’s certainly a fun way to get a glimpse of what Lady Gaga will see if she performs on the roof.”

He added: “These models highlight the ease of use of uploading a CAD file, automatically converting it to a virtual reality format and delivering it to every smartphone over the cloud.”

To take the tour of the stadium, users have to download the vCad app, in either the Play Store or App Store, and register for a free account. Here, the tour is available on the vCad gallery. Visitors with iPhone 6,7, Google Pixel, or equivalent performing phones, will be able to view a ‘highly detailed’ version of the NRG Stadium.