Super Mario Run finally jumps onto Android, and updates on iOS

Alex Spencer

Nintendo's Super Mario Run has launched on Android, more than three months after it first arrived on the iOS App Store.

The game is Nintendo's second venture into mobile, and it's proved popular since its iOS release on 15 December, racking up 78m downloads by the end of January.

The app uses the same business model on Android as iOS. It's free to download and play, but with the majority of its content locked behind a single in-app purchase of £9.99 ($9.99 in the US).

At last count, 4m users had purchased the full game – a conversion rate of around five per cent. 

Unusually, the Android app launches at version 2.0, keeping it in-line with the iOS version, which has received a simultaneous update. The 2.0 update brings an Easy mode to the game, new playable characters and – perhaps mostly interesting – an expanded range of free content, in the form of 'Bowser's Challenge' levels.

Nintendo also announced plans for future events, extending the game's selection of buildings, which can be bought with in-app currency in order to unlock more features.