Survey Highlights Positive Attitude to Mobile

Spanish mobile marketing company Viachannel has published the results of a survey that show that two out of three marketing professionals consider mobile marketing to be a highly effective channel of communication.
The survey was conducted in January, among 200 publicity and marketing professionals, drawn from brands, agencies and the media. The survey questioned the respondents confidence in mobile marketing, its perceived effectiveness, and their participation in campaigns.
Viachannel used an email-to-SMS media strategy for the survey. The respondents received an email with a prompt to complete the survey via SMS. Over 40% of the target group responded to the survey via SMS, and over 30% of the marketing professionals who received the email visited the mobile Internet site developed specifically for the survey.
In order to analyse the viral and member get member (MGM) impact of buzz, Viachannel asked participants if they would send to friends promotions received on their mobile. 40% responded affirmatively. Over 80% said they believed mobile marketing adds value to traditional campaigns, while 64% consider it to be a highly effective communication and marketing channel.
We are very pleased with the results says Viachannel MD Mike Wayman. This confirms the finding of several technology consulting companies, stating that mobile marketing will see significant growth during 2007 and the coming years. We could consider that the questionnaire is a meta-study, because we used mobile technology to run the survey. The high response rate is perfect example of the importance of this media, and we are convinced that every day more brands will adopt this form of communication with their customers.
Viachannel, based in Madrid has implemented over 1,000 messaging campaigns over the past 4 years. Its clients include include Pizza Hut, for whom it created creating mobile discount coupons for redemption against purchase in store; and publisher Focus Ediciones, for whom it has used Push Marketing concepts and tools to alert readers that a publication has entered the stores and is ready for purchase.