Survey Uncovers Affluent Older Mobile User Segment

Almost 400,000 British adults aged 50+ use social networking sites from their mobiles. This valuable niche market has risen in size by 52 per cent over the past year, and is set to continue to grow rapidly in the coming months and years.

The findings come from Kantar Media’s TGI MobiLens survey. The survey combines comScore’s MobiLens mobile audience data with Kantar’s TGI study of consumer behavior, motivation and attitudes. Linkage is made to TGI with a six-month slice of MobiLens data, equating to approximately 30,000 UK mobile users aged 13+. Respondents provide an array of data relating to their mobile device, usage and purchase habits, with a fusion to TGI then based upon key demographic and media consumption information common to both surveys.

The over-50s who access blogs, social networking or content sharing sites via their mobiles are over three times more likely than the average 50+ mobile-owning adult to earn £50,000 or more. They are also just under three times more likely to do so than mobile-owning adults generally.

The TGI MobiLens data reveals an educated, ambitious, business-savvy group who enjoy taking risks and trying new things. They are 45 per cent more likely to be educated to at least degree level. They are also over two and a half times more likely to want to get to the very top in their career (if they’re not already retired, presumably – Ed) and almost three-quarters more likely to like trying new drinks. In addition, they are 63 per cent more likely to feel it is important their household is equipped with the latest technology.

Compared to the average mobile-owning adult aged 50+ they are 82 per cent more likely to have an iPod. They are also 45 per cent more likely to have spent £2,500 or more on holidays in the last 12 months, and almost 50 per cent more likely to have four or more credit or debit cards (and 64% more likely than all mobile-owning adults).

“With social networking one of the key drivers behind mobile internet use, it is little wonder that the young are flocking to mobile internet,” says Kantar Media TGI director, Daniel Flynn. “Many brands are focusing on younger demographics, but marketers would be sensible to focus on more mature mobile social networkers as well.”